My daugther sometimes just lost in space...what should I do?

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She is nearly 9 years old. She always just go off in her own world where no body can reach her. It happens a few times a day and can happen anytime; during eating, during playing, when she did some task. When it happens, we have to call her name or pat her a few times before she regains her awareness. It worries me because when it happens she just lost and not aware what is happening around her, even if a car coming or if a stranger grabs her, she would not aware until she regains her awareness. What should I do? Thank you.


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I think you should ask her doctor this question. There is something called an absence seizure...a petit mal seizure. Here is a definition....

Absence seizure — also known as petit mal seizure — involves a brief, sudden lapse of conscious activity. Occurring most often in children, an absence seizure may look like the person is merely staring into space for a few seconds.

Compared with other types of epileptic seizures, absence seizures appear mild. But that doesn't mean they can't be dangerous. Children with a history of absence seizure must be supervised carefully while swimming or bathing, because of the danger of drowning. Teens and adults may also be restricted from driving and other potentially hazardous activities.

Absence seizures can usually be controlled with anti-seizure medications. Many children outgrow absence seizures in their teen years, though some may eventually develop grand mal seizures.


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Hafizah - posted on 08/17/2011




Thanks for those who have replied. Yes, I brought her to meet a doctor and we believed she has an absence epilepsy. The doctor asked us to do the CT scan to confirm the diagnosis. I don't know how she gets it because there is no history of epilepsy in our family. I have read about the medication and I am not comfortable with their side effects. Is there a possibility for the abcence seizure or epilepsy to go away when she is grown up without the medication? Thank you again.

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Tell her pediatrician. Is there a history of seizures or other neurological issues in family tree? I would have my dr set up a baseline eeg study for her. I used to do the same thing and my parents thought I was being irresponsible or misbehaving. I was diagnosed 3 years later with epilepsy.

Ez - posted on 05/11/2011




My first thought was absence seizures too. She needs to be assessed by a doctor.

Nikki - posted on 05/11/2011




I agree with the other ladies, get her to a doctor, if she is suffering with absence seizures it's really important it is diagnosed. It can be dangerous to leave a child in this situation alone, for example swimming, bathing, crossing the road in case they suffer a seizure and have no control over their bodies to get themselves out of danger. Good luck

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I suffer petit mal seizures and it's exactly what you're describing. If I were you, I'd get her to a doctor right away for assessment.

Firebird - posted on 05/10/2011




My daughter has petit mal seizures and they are identical to what you just described. Talk to a doctor, get some tests done and find out if she needs medication.

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