my deadbeat ex and how much he hurts me

Nicholle - posted on 04/11/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi. I'm a single mom to my 2 yr old daughter. My ex blames me for his lack of parenting. We were together a short while when I got pregnant. He us an addict who has continually gotten high an went to jail. I have found out about cheating several times. I lived with him an his parents where he got high in the house which they allowed on top if the girls he was with. We broke up I moved out. I've filed child support but he refuses to work an says his felonies stop him( complete bs) he blames for not seeing his daughter its my fault. He's never worked a job. I've seen not a penny an he says I'm money hungry???? I have no family an his mom totally supports him( he is a mommas boy). The lasyest news I found out was he had his new gf living at his parents an they using drugs together there while his parents allow that also. I'm honestly really hurt by this. My daughter is only 2 she still thinks mommy and daddy are together. I never wanted to be a single parent, I wanted us to be a family. I didn't want this for my kid. I was up all night crying. I still love my ex after it all. Please can anyone help me to deal with this? Please


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Michelle - posted on 04/11/2015




I agree with the questions Jodi has asked but I would also ask, Why does your daughter think you are still together?
If you are stopping him from seeing his daughter because he hasn't paid any support then you better hope he doesn't take you to court. Child support and visitation are completely separate issues and you have no right to stop him seeing her.

Jodi - posted on 04/11/2015




So why does he blame you for not seeing his daughter? Do you say no to him?

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