My delivery was c-section in 7.5 months of my pregnancy. I delivered a baby boy with 1.91 kg. He started talking when I underwent speech therapy for him. When he was 3 years he started talking that is 2-3 words he used to make a he speaks the problem is he is walking on his toes.he started walking when he completed his second b'day. I was happy seeing him walking but now am afraid because he walks on his toes. Dr suggested fo r physiotherapy. They said that his muscles r tight, his heels r also tight. I don't find any changes while doing physiotherapy also. Some dr suggest Botox injection and some for a minor really confused what should I do. Am thinking of giving him a stem cell injection which I ve stored during my delivery. Will this injection help my baby in improving his walking or should I go with dr suggestion on operation or Botox injection.pls help me come out of it


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Mohan - posted on 10/17/2012




Since he had speech delay and is now walking on the toes, it looks like he can have PDD pervasive development disorder. Check out for food allergy. Sometimes colourings in the food may cause this toe walking. Keep watching.

Tee - posted on 09/23/2012




If the doctor suggested physical therapy then do it. The muscles are not going to stretch on their own and they will give / show you stretching exercises to help. A lot of babies start out walking on their toes when they first start and it corrects itself with practice and repetition

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