My DH loves SPICY foods- why?:)

Britt - posted on 07/14/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Never understood this concept to why would anyone like spicy HOT tingly feeling on their tongue! LOL

Tonite we had our own seperate dinners and he chose his WINGS (spicy!) good thing cause' I hate spicy foods!


He couldnt even finish his last 2 wings because of the HOT SPICINESS in his mouth!

I just


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Kate CP - posted on 07/14/2011




My husband says he likes to punish his taste buds. I don't get it, but whenever we eat he pours hot sauce on everything. I used to get offended...but hey, if I don't have to eat it, I don't care. ;)

[deleted account]

Because some people do. Every one of us are unique and we all like different things. It is just a part of who we are. Just smile and accept that he likes something different than you. If you were both exactly the same except for gender then you would HATE each other. ;)

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