My eight year old daughter is being aggressive


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Dove - posted on 06/16/2015




Set a timer to go off 5 minutes before you have to leave and tell her she needs to be dressed when the timer beeps... then walk away and ignore her. When it beeps go and see if she is dressed and if not... pick up her clothes and tell her it is time to go.. If you drive/walk her she can have one last chance to get dressed at the school. If she rides the bus you can put her clothes in her backpack to get dressed (let the teachers and the bus driver know ahead of time).

That should only happen once or twice before she realizes that not getting dressed simply isn't an option.

It's a suggestion anyway. ;)

Jacqueline - posted on 06/16/2015




When I ask her to get dressed for school she just sits and doesn't listen and she bangs her feet and calls me names and is so determined to do things her way

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