My eight year old daughter was sexually assulted by a nine year old

Monique - posted on 10/20/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My twins are eight years old and attend an elementary school nearby our apartment. They both had individual friends that they hung around but would always end up joining as a group during play times. I always asked them to play separate to avoid sibling rivalry, but it never worked. One day my sons friend started to grab his classmates in the breast, reach between their legs and poked their back holes. I was told by my daughter at least two months after the harassment started. When I asked why she didn't tell me sooner, she stated she was scared. Wow! I was confused because I always educated my four children on unwanted touches. As I started to question my little girl about the situation, she also told me on their way home from school that the nine year old also pulled her off her bike by her hair, slammed her on the ground onto her back and drug her in the street. " that is why my back hurt the other day, I didn't want you to go crazy, because he said if I told he would kill all of us"! I was furious! The next day she did not want to go to school anymore and asked me not to talk to the teaching staff because one of the counselor said she and the other girls that the young boy assulted were dramatic and probably did not know what they were talking about. She said this counselor called her a liar! I went to the school anyway , typed a report and emailed it to the school district and the principal. I switched my twins school, because they did not move fast enough to take care of the situation. Since I knew the other girls that finally came forward after the bravery of my little daughter, I also contacted the local police department, took my daughter to get an emergency check up with a physician, and contacted social services to report the boys behavior. I am still wondering what is going on with this case because know one will give me any information on the little predator. Is there any suggestions or something I may have missed? My daughter is also suffering from night terrors and nervousness now since she told, and occasionally sick to the stomach (throwing up) when asked about the incident. Should I sue? I'm a wreck.

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Sarah - posted on 10/20/2016




I don't know about a lawsuit, you'd have to ask a lawyer. If the children were complaining to staff about being touched and the staff did not react, then I'd say you'd have grounds. Most important right now is getting your child some counseling and helping her work thru what happened. Were there any witnesses to the assault when she was on her bike? If so, it may be enough to at least force this kid into treatment. Which is what he needs, 9yo don't act out like that for no reason.

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