My eldest son is going to be 8 years old this November and he has a crush on one of my girlfriend's daughter. Is it normal at this age cos he gave me a love letter to be posted to the girl?


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Hasnul - posted on 09/03/2012




Thank you for your advice. Hmm, I already told him that but now he asking me why he must be older enough to have a girlfriend since he saw one of his peer gave a girl a love letter. And he said that his friends are now making fun of him for not having a girlfriend. Gosh, all of them are just 8 years old. How can I help him to deal this. Should I go to the school and talked to the boys nicely not to make fun of him or should I just keep quiet and hope that everything would be gone in a few weeks?

Michelle - posted on 09/03/2012




yes this is very normal, tell that his feelings are normal however that you don't think posting a letter on line to her is appropriate that they can be friends but boyfriend and girlfriends are for when you are older.

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