My eleven month old seems aggressive!

Sheena - posted on 08/16/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, my eleven month old is very lovable, smart, gives mommy and daddy kisses all the time, will sit still and watch cartoons (sometimes) really he is a good baby but right now I am about to lose it. I work doubles on the weekends and off all week my other half works mon-Friday 7:00-5 and 7-3 Fridays. I am just so tired even though he helps when he gets home but I know I do way more even during those hours. I also wake up and take him and bring him back only 15 mins away mon-fri. I work sat & Sunday 6:30 am to 10:30 pm (feels like a vacation lol) Anyway I'm wondering how do I control the stress? Eventually I don't want to do anything like go out, do my hair or anything but drink a glass of wine. Another question is... (First time parent) my son will get upset when I say no or spank him (it is very light- just trying to show him what's ok and what's not) he will hit me back. Times when I'm watching he will go on a screaming spree...sounding as if he is having a argument. Normal? Any advice oh yea and still does the screaming thing. Good baby but likes to follow me outside when I go smoke a ciggeret um we'll maybe I should of wrote this when my head was clear and when I wasn't about to lose it! Any suggestions? Also, how can I get him to fall asleep his self without allowing him to cry my back hurts all the time I love my son and sometimes I feel bad for getting so stressed out because he is really a good baby. He really just acts up when he is hungry or sleepy. Then it's the screaming, hitting, and follow me , stress of rocking around that I am trying to understand. (Reread) Wow I think I just need to go out lol!!!


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