my eleven year old daughter

Lillian - posted on 05/15/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi moms I have an eleven year old daughter whos kind, loving, compassionate ex. How ever she has only one amazing friend and I do tell her that one true friend is all you need but heres the problem shes very moody at times and prefers to stay by her self she says that girls just have loads of drama and she feels more comfortable around boys. she cries for any reason, and I feel so sad for her although I try not to show it.. shes in therapy .. did I mentioned that we adopted her when she was three weeks old.. I just need some help from moms with kids my daughters age or a bit older.. thank you


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Sarah - posted on 05/15/2016




I agree I have a daughter who will be 12 in a few days. She just went thru a bit a drama at school that the teacher had to intervene to end it. It was over who got color to color what part on a group poster! Sheesh! There are tears on a regular basis, but as soon as they arrive they dry up too.

Dove - posted on 05/15/2016




Sounds fairly normal. The hormones at this age start making kids act a little crazy. Girls DO have drama... My own daughters are 14 and do have a couple of girl friends, but they also prefer hanging out w/ guys to surf, play soccer, or play video games because 'typical girl stuff' bores and annoys them.

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