My elleven year old girl still pees the bed

Quewn Praticia - posted on 10/10/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I RHInk that children still pee the bed becausr they cant feel their selves qhen they are abour to wet the bed or some may but tgey just feel to lazy to Hey up and go to the bathroom i dont woop my child but i want her to learn that she is to old to keep peeing the bed


Dove - posted on 10/10/2014




At 11 if she is doing it on purpose or laziness... you have much deeper issues to worry about than peeing the bed. Chances are VERY good that no mentally and emotionally stable preteen is going to pee the bed on purpose.

So... either she needs counseling or it's a medical issue. You can get her checked out by a doctor as there are some meds and tricks that can help... or she just may need more time to still outgrow it. I know kids that were dry through the night before they were 2... and kids that wet the bed into their teens. It happens.

Protect the mattress if you haven't already... get her the pull ups for bigger children if you can... get her checked out by a doctor... and then leave her alone about it. She is also old enough to be responsible for the extra laundry when her bed and clothes get wet... and you can also try waking her around midnight to go pee as that might work.

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