my ex daughter-in-law is trying to stop us seeing our nearly 3y/o grandaughter

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my ex daughter-in-law is trying to stop us seeing our nearly 3y/o grandaughter what can we do i've been in her life since she was 10 mins old we get on brill but she is going to break our bond she told my son to leave because she didn't feel the same any more 2 days later the bloke she'd been cheating with move in she has been so horrible and cruel to my son who has done nothing wrong and is a very good dad he was a househusband and she allways working and still is different sitters even her new fella who has got a 2yo of his own. WTF!


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Lisa - posted on 06/17/2012




Jodi a grandparents rights vary from state to state in america, but in general it requires a court hearing. And the wishes of the parents with primary custody will take a great weight on the judges decision.

Jodi - posted on 06/17/2012




Does your son have visitation orders of any sort? Time for him to see a lawyer. If he can get visitation/custody, then you will be able to see your granddaughter then. She has no right to deny him access to his daughter (and by default, that would be your access too).

Having said that, we also have grandparents rights here in Australia, where grandparents can file for their rights separately. Not sure if you have that where you live. But you are probably best to support your son in his efforts initially.

No mother has the right to deny her child a relationship with her father and grandparents unless, in some way, that child is being abused in that relationship. Children have rights, whether we like it or not when we are going through these custody issues, and I think sometimes it is very easy to forget that.

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