my ex has never been inmy sons life like the way a father should be I left when he was two my son is now 7 his dad just got out rehab in oct of last year this year he has seen him 4 times he has never paid support if we go to court do you think he would get unsupervised visits do you think i could win sole Custody


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I can tell you that my ex got unsupervised visits w/ our 3 kids after he had been virtually nonexistent for almost a year and a half (and my son was a newborn when he left). There weren't any drug issues. I DID get full physical and legal custody of the kids.

The only way to get the answers you are looking for in your specific case is to speak to a lawyer.... and if you're going after full custody... you really need one.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 12/19/2011




First things first, speak to a lawyer. None of us are going to give you the absolute correct answer. We can tell you that most likely not, but it also depends on the entire picture. He certainly should be paying child support, and if he never has....wholly shit he is gonna have to pay a lot. I highly recommend talking to a lawyer and seeing what they have to say. After all, that is what they do for a living. They are going to understand your laws where you live, and know how to pursue what you want done. You can usually call for a free consult to see if you like what you have to hear. The sooner you call, the better.


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