My ex husband and I have joint/legal custody of our 4year old son, but he has primary custody. I want to get primary custody do to the fact that i moved a few more minutes away and i want our son to go to school closer to me since i have him 3 days in the week days for school. Is that possible?

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When my ex husband and I got divorced we had a certain schedule for our son. He has our 4 year old on the weekends plus wednesday. I have him monday tuesday and thursday and it wasn't a problem until i lost my job and had to move to a smaller apartment. I am married again and my husband works and i am getting unemployment until i find a job.

I want to get primary custody of our son so that i can have him on the wednesday for school night and transfer him to a closer school to me. I don't have money for a lawyer so i have to represent my self. Do i have enough information to request what im asking for?

I just dont see the point to our son having to go to his father for one school night, he's just not stabled that way. now that we moved a little further away its a harder for me to travel to his school and having to drive back home and then going to go pick him up again after school. Its too much

Please help
Thank u


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Not without agreement of your ex. If your court orders stated this arrangement, then you need to change it legally. I'll be honest, it isn't your ex's problem that you had to move, and while it sucks that this was the result of circumstances beyond your control, it shouldn't change the visitation routine. If it is only a few minutes, I fail to see why it is such a problem for you.

Anyway, I see you realise you need to file for primary custody, I am assuming you have already discussed the possibility of moving your son's schools and he has disagreed? I wouldn't recommend going to court without a lawyer, but if you do, in my opinion, you argument is weak. Just remember that there are social implications for your child in changing schools too, and they are also an important consideration. For the sake of a few minutes, that needs to be considered too.

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