My ex husband has seen our daughter 6 hours in. 5 years he was ordered to pay 109 a week he barely pays 100 a month he gas no interest in her and I'm engaged and my fiance wants to adopt her he has been her dad since she was 6 months how would I go about handling this also does he have any visitation rights


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Dove - posted on 11/26/2012




Yes, he has visitation rights, but it doesn't sound like he's interested in taking them. The only way your fiance can adopt her is if bio dad signs away his rights (getting out of child support might convince him to do that) or if a judge removes them. A judge 'typically' won't remove a father's rights unless he's 100% uninvolved (paying anything makes him 'involved') or if he is a real danger to your child.

Your best bet is to probably talk to your ex. Find out for sure that he won't have to pay child support (ask a lawyer) and go with that angle.

Good luck!

Lacye - posted on 11/26/2012




Right now, yes he does have visitation rights but from the sound of it, he's not acting on it. What you need to do is talk to him about signing over his rights to you and then your fiance will be able to adopt her. The only bad thing is, sometimes a judge will not allow that to happen until after you are married to the person willing to adopt her. You need to talk to your ex and contact a lawyer and he or she will be able to tell you the best way to go about it.

ParkswayVoodoo - posted on 11/26/2012




from what i know he would be required to sign off his paternity rights for this to happen which sounds like he may be happy to do considering he doesnt even ask of her and hed get the "burden" of child support off him

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