My ex husband molested my daughter

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January 9, 2011

I am desperate.

Im living in darkness. In a bad dream that I can not wake up from. February 2007 my then 3 year old daughter began coming home raw and red on her privates. I would soon find out why this one black day that still haunts me every second as she began to tell me of her very own father touching her privates. I was preparing to give my small daughter a bath when she said the words that would change my life forever. As I went to sit her in the water she started screaming �it burns, it burns no mommy.� I pulled her out and began to question what burned and why was she screaming. By this time I had pulled her out and asked her to look at it. She wanted to go in the closet for me to look at her in my bedroom. She was very raw and red. I asked her what happened and she said � my daddy hurt my cooter� I could not believe what I was hearing. I thought surely my child must be confused or he had washed her with harsh soap�a million thoughts were racing through my head�but not that she had been molested. It was not till a few days went by and I spoke with her more in detail that I became aware something was terribly wrong.

Giving a background on this man that I once was married to he is to say the least a troubled person. There have been times I thought he was literally the devil himself but never once would I have suspected him of ever molesting a child let alone his own flesh and blood. He is an alcoholic, deviate in thought with porn addictions and continuous affairs, there would be cruel and unusual punishment for me if I disobeyed him or questioned him for his behavior. I often believed he would kill me and still fear someday he may as I was told repeatedly one day I would disappear and no one would ever find me. There was deep physical, mental, emotional and even sexual abuse dealt to me relentlessly. We were divorced in August 2003 after he had an affair and eventually left me for a coworker. Initially I was angry and disgusted that he would have yet another affair and this time actually leave me for this younger woman. In time I grew to understand that I was also deeply disturbed from living in this sadistic abuse and was actually freed from my torment and could now heal and restore my life. Or so I thought.

Even following the divorce he tried to maintain control of me. He would threaten me however very carefully if I did anything that displeased him. Despite I tried to manage and keep going forward. This would prove to be my biggest task. I did overcome though and was feeling the sun was beginning to shine again�and then the unthinkable. After my daughter told me of what had transpired in her tiny words it shook my world. I could not make sense of it and have even felt I am to blame for what he has done to her. Maybe he did this to get at me because I had finally moved on. He knows that nothing could hurt or injure me that he did any longer except for them. My children. My whole reason to exist. So began this fight in court. It would take me pages and pages to explain what all happened. I am giving you the short version. After many months, interviews, CPS investigations, police proceedings he was cleared and nothing was done. He had told my daughter he was going to go to jail if she told anyone and that is was their �secret� and they even pinky promised in her words. He also told her he would kill me and she cried to me and told me �mommy I don�t want you to die� They said my child was not torn. Initially she told them what happened though not in great detail. Almost immediately she was temporarily removed from me and placed with her paternal grandfather by order of the judge so she could be futher frightened into silence. After I had turned him in for molesting my daughter he filed for sole custody of the children.

With a family of lawyers, judges and district attorneys on his side I was unaware that I did not have a chance. Despite what my mom had taught me that justice prevails and God sees all, the truth about our world is MONEY wins. You have it you can buy your justice. So out moneyed and layered after over 2 years in court of him delaying, resetting, me losing my job, house, all stabilty and sanity by this point I also lost custody of my children. He walked with the ultimate of sins because I was poor and desolate and was �financially stable� The Judge allowed all of his criminal history including our domestic violence his DWI�s and the testimony of several witnesses my daughter had made outcries to all being put in Limine as they felt the witnesses words were just hearsay even though they were outcries and the criminal activity would be �prejudicial towards him�. Not to mention during this 2 years of court my house got broke into several times. My door was kicked in twice, my vehicle sustained damages to locks and being keyed, windows broken out, and my dog poisoned. I knew this was him trying his best to frighten me.

However when presented to a jury with no background on this man it appears that I have a dangerous house and that I am very unstable and a paranoid lunatic. There are far worse and more horrifying things that were said to me by my daughter in regards to the abuse that I don�t care to mention or relive. I am haunted daily by them. I have often thought of that day and what I could and should have done in that moment when my 3 year old daughter divulged to me what had been done to her. Should I have murdered him to protect her? Should I have fled? How could this go so terribly wrong? I had even paid an expert in sexual abuse to evaluate my daughter. She confirmed my fears with her over 25 years in dealing with sexual abuse patients. Sadly at the end towards my trial she became ill with cancer and was too sick to be deposed so the judge would not allow her findings.

I have hours of recordings where I would just record from the time I picked her up , bed times, bath times, even down times just to capture the disturbing things my daughter was saying. None of them were ever listened to by ANY professional from the case accept the one I hired. So here I am. I often want to die, I often wish death on him for what he has done to my daughter. So I sit in this twisted reality full of hate anger and sadness. Trapped in a slow hell with people reassuring me one day it will all work out. NO ONE KNOWS THE WRATH AND FURY THAT BUILD IN MY SOUL. I had a scripture my momma repeated to me a 1000 times during this permanently tattooed on my chest after she passed away in September 2009 which was 1st Corinthians 4:5 as a message to him and all of those who concealed his darkness that GOD WILL BRING TO LIGHT EVERYTHING HIDDEN IN DARKNESS! And so I pray and I wait for it to be made right. My daughter remembers what he did though we no longer speak of it. And I will never forget nor forgive this abomination and assault against my daughters innocence. I pray hell and damnation consume him as they have consumed me. Please help me my life is a wreck. I know little can be done too get my daughter back at this point but I am destroyed. I want to get back on track find strength get a job and stability so I can get my children back. I don�t want to relive this every single day but I don�t know how to get the madness to end. This is my last hope that God will hear my cries and those unheard from my daughter. It sickens me to think how much this happens out there in this demented world. I need an ounce of faith restored to me from the damned in which I have become.

the damned


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The letter from "the damned" is so similar to my daughter's life. She lost her two boys to her ex. He lied, swindled, and still abuses his last son who is now 18. The older boy killed himself right before he turned 18 a few years ago. I haven't seen them since he got custody 10 years ago. She is now a meth addict. She could never do any of things you all offer her. She had been with him years.... He was a cop she never had a chance. I just got to see my one and only grandson for 45 minutes. Thank God for Facebook, he contacted us. We went on a trip and were able to stop and see him. He hates his father. Sad... We lost our daughter because of this sociopath. He really abused them.

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You need to look after YOU first - you are no use to your daughter if you are consumed by anger and grief. Get counseling, work your ass off to get back on your feet emotionally and financially, channel your anger - start a project to email, write or fax every single lawyer in your country asking for advice and if they will take on your case pro-bono (or any other constructive project that you can think off). When you have the money start hiring private detectives to look into your ex's activities, maybe even put surveillance on him when he goes out with your daughter. Just because he was cleared once does not mean you can not get more evidence against him.

Take self defense lessons - women post abuse can get a lot of their feeling of control back by learning how to defend themselves (and wouldn't it be nice to know you could kick his ass if ever tried to hurt you again?). The best thing you can do for your daughter is to be strong for her, she needs you and you need her - that little girl is the reason that God put you on the planet, stop praying for retribution and get out there and make a new life for yourself so when you get your daughter back she will be safe and happy.

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first of all, im so immensely sorry. i would feel so awful if this had happened to my family. this may not seem the most rational way to some, but seriously...if i could have kept myself from killing that man, like u, i would have taken my daughter and ran away. to mexico, further if needed. she is in dangerous hands and unfortunately u cant always count on our 'justice' system to prevail. i know there are people out there who would help u get ur daughter back and escape somewhere.....but u can always try to get ur life back together and fight him for custody. honestly, i would still fear that my child is being hurt and i just couldnt do it....I will pray for u and ur daughter and may God bring his wrath down on that horrid excuse for a human and help u get ur kid back. God Bless and all the luck in the world

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I'm so sorry to hear this. What an awful situation for you and your daughter. I think you really need to speak with a counnsellor who specialises in this sort of work. Your daughter will probably benefit from some therapy too.

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WOW! I am so sorry to hear what has happened and is happening to you and your children. I have read books and seen movies on TV with a story line like this but never really gave it much thought to it happening in real life. I hope that you and your children get the help that you need to help you get past this. I know the scars will never fade but you all need the wound to heal. Keep your chin up. Your children will need you once they are old enough to make that choice on their own.

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