My ex is taking me to court for him to have the children every school holidays , My youngest child has ASD so we have just started seeing a CAMS worker as well , my daughter told them that every time daddy goes work the step mum and step children are horrible , they ask lots of nasty questions about me and my partner, they tell my children there is ghost and skeletons in my house ,that will come and get them, they talk about us going to court and what to say so that I look bad and they can live with them and daddy, the step mum tells my children not to tell me anything that goes on at daddy's house else they will never see daddy and their half sister again I'm not allowed him home address either he lives in another city, I'm really worried as my children are meant to go their dads this half term , I want to keep them with me and safe but will it look really bad at court if I don't let them go to their dads even though I'm not letting them cause I want to keep them safe ???

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Having trouble withy children's dad and his partner and her children


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If you wish custody amended, you need to take it back to court. You do not have the right to amend it on your own, based on what the children are telling you.

If there is a problem, the attorneys need to be involved, and it needs to be handled legally. If you just tell dad "nope, the kids aren't coming because your wife treats them badly (or whatever you would say)", you'll be in contempt of court, which could result in primary residential custody being granted to your ex.

If you have joint custody, there should be something in the paperwork about you knowing where your kids are, regardless of location, so I'd check that with your attorney as well, but don't withhold the kids. It won't turn out well.

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