My ex treats me with taking child away and getting me arrested

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ok well I was with my ex when I was a kid for over 6 yrs he never wanted to be in the picture although I would let him see the child. Now our son its 7 and half and being about maybe a since I finally put him on child support. Ever since he started to pay child support he always complains and treats me with taking my kid away. He commands me to always and only spend the whole money on clothes &shoes ! And I actually do but when I send him the new clothes by the second time he starts calling them Rachet ! New shoes come muddy and wet ! And he has told me one way or another I'm gna be out of child support " come with me take me out , or I take him " now with the income tax he gave me a form 8332 that o had to sign cuz he said so . Never did I told him I was , but I did told him that I was going to check it out . He was all friendly then , until he got home and started to treat me with me going to jail, and he was so ready to take me to court and take the kid . Talking about if I had the form ready!. Above all of his degrading and disrespect towards me and my family I am jst tired with him thinking because he has a good job and buying a home he can buy court too! What should I do?


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Okay, firstly, he cannot dictate how you spend child support money. Child support is to help support the child and that INCLUDES the roof over the child's head, the additional cost in utilities you are likely to have in supporting the child, the additional petrol in the car that you need to specifically run your child around, right down to the consumables in your household, food, and so on. He cannot tell you how to spend it. You need to learn to ignore his taunts and stop letting him think he can tell you how to spend it.

Secondly, he cannot have you arrested unless you are doing something illegal. So ignore him.

Finally, do you have custody and visitation court orders too? If you don't, he actually could refuse to return your child to you and there is nothing anyone could do about it. So I would strongly recommend you have court orders in place.

And STOP letting him tell you what to do. Refuse to communicate with him about anything except your son. If he starts about what you must or must not do with YOUR child support money, ignore him. You do not need to sign that tax form unless the courts have ordered you must. It sounds like this man is using intimidation against you to get his way - stop being intimidated. Ignore, ignore, ignore. If he continues to harass you get a restraining order. Keep a diary or journal and write down every time he gives you a hard time, every time he intimidates you, every time you feel harassed.

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