my ex wants to sign his rights over but the courts won't let him because I'm single... meaning not marrried. if the has happened to you, what did you do? I want the rights signed over too.

Ashley - posted on 10/31/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughters "dad" I call him sperm donor; well anyways he wants to sign over his rights and I want him to too (he's a POS!) but the courts won't let him because I'm single; not married. What have you done if this ever happened to you?? I'm going to be moving away in January and I want this done ASAP!Thanks!!


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I think it may depend on where you live. I have never been in this situation, but I say that because I actually know a woman who's child's father signed over his rights and I know that she has never ever been married. Call around to some lawyers in your area and ask if they do a one time free consultation! That might get you better info on whether it's even possible where you are, and if so, how to get around the "red tape".

Lacye - posted on 10/31/2012




Sorry to tell you but most judges will not allow a father to sign over his rights unless the mother is remarried and the stepfather is willing to adopt the child.

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