My exhusband n new wife turned my children against me in 2008. my daughter now is 20 n blames me for everything stating that she now has a family


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Lucka - posted on 02/14/2015




Let it go and them. Tell her you are her mother and you are available for her as a mother and that you too require love and acceptance. Karma is what everyone has to work'll get her back but in time. Don't force anything. Do things for yourself. That is whatt i would do. aS YOUR DAUGHTER SEES THAT YOU RESPECT YOPURSELF THEN SHE WILL BE INTERESTED. iN THE MEANTIME, THEY CAN SPEND ALL all their time together. ..familiarity breeds contempt. Let her run after you and if she never comes then it's not your fault. Take care of you. Rejection is not your fault.

Jodi - posted on 02/14/2015




Unfortunately, you have left this situation for far too long. I can't know what happened, as you have given no details, but 2008 is 7 years ago. Your daughter was 13. You had the opportunity then to do something about it if there was a situation of parental alienation (which is what you have described) and to build a relationship with your children, but now that your daughter is an adult, this may be far more difficult to resolve.

Perhaps you could let your daughter know you want to help fix the relationship you have with her, and that you love her very much. Make sure she knows you have no intention of making her choose between you and the other family she has because she can have both. Make sure, no matter what you do, you don't criticise your ex and his wife, ever. If your daughter still refuses to talk, just send her gifts or cards on special occasions, without expectations of anything in return, to let her know you are thinking of her and love her very much and that your home and arms are always open for her.

Gaqomanof - posted on 02/14/2015




sorry to hear that, but I think you have to talk to your daughter and convince her that you are doing the best you can! Also make sure that she knows that no other man is going to take the place of her father!.....I have experience this when the parents of my girlfriend split and she wouldn't take to her mother or be mad at her for no reason!....Her father, your ex is still part of your life and whatever you had is not going to be erased!....

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