My fiance is traveling again, and we are having troubles, is it normal to just want to cry?

Summer - posted on 10/30/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My fiance has always traveled. He is a Georgia Power guy and the most he has ever been gone is two weeks. Now mind you, we have not been together a very long time but we really jumped in head over heels and fell in love very quick so of course for a while things were so new that we werent having to deal with the "real" stressors of life LOL.

Now - I lost my job about 60 days ago and up until last week we were struggling. We had to move in with friends ( which he was so upset doing ) we have had to find a new vehicle, I feel like we keep miscommunicating ALL the time and we dont "fight" but we arent getting along as well as we did.

Now - he is up North with those horrible storms and I think I have maybe heard from him via text message 10 times and two phone calls. I promise you I am so understanding because I have not once made him feel as if I were upset or anything because he has to be SOOO busy but I am feeling so alone and anxious because our relationship is already a bit rocky and then on top of that he is gone for possibly a month and now I barely get to talk to him.

I cant help but think maybe the little bit of time a part isnt going to be the worst thing in the world because everyone goes through hard times. Plus he will be making some great money which will put us back on top and back on our own.

I am just hurt and needed someone to talk to ..... Thank you to anyone who writes back.

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