My fiancee is a playstation addiction and its destroying are family.. PLZ HELP!!

Recenia - posted on 09/27/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My fiancee of almost 10 years is addicted to a particular playstation game and has been for 3 years now. It is literally destroying r family and relationship with eachother. Yes, he does work alot but when he is home he plays a game and ignores the fact he has 3 kids and me I just dont know what to do he doesnt help around the house or with the kids. I have to do everything including the yard work. Im loosing my mind I feel like everytime I mention that he needs to stop playing and spend time with us he gets mad and upset especially if we bother him during the game. Im so depressed over the fact that it seems like that playstation gets more action and attention and so do the people he talks to other the mic then I have in along time. He literally on his days off plays to the point of when he gets up until 1 or 2am and wonders why I am mad all the time. The kids are getting upset and angry knowing he doesnt want to go outside and play or watch a movie with them. I dont know what to do I would hate to get rid of the game system because I allow my son to play some times he is at that age where he wants to. Someone please give me some options or advice that would help are relationship or family.. PLEASE :(


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" I would hate to get rid of the game system because I allow my son to play some times he is at that age where he wants to."

Right here tells me that you have no intention of putting your foot down and getting rid of the video games. So, don't be surprised when your son follows in his daddy's footsteps. And don't be surprised when I say that I think he's a pretty crappy dad by putting his video games ahead of his family. And finally, don't be surprised when I tell you that you have allowed yourself to become emotionally abused by a video game system. Want the answer? Pul the plug and remove the PS from your home. Hell, even hide it in the empy dryer since it's a place he won't look. When he gets good and angry at you, you can then determine if you really want to salvage your relationship, or if HE has any desire to save it. And quite frankly, he has no incentive to save his relationship since you do everything anyway. Yes- I am aware I am quite harsh in my words. I don't beleiv ein sugar-coating anything and sometimes, being on the stern side is a greater wake-up call. In all sincereity, I truly do hope you come to some peace and resolution.

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Your first clue was that he wouldn't marry you even after 3 kids and 10 years together.

he doesn't want to grow up and take his responsibilities seriously, so take the kids, and leave. Tell him he has 2 choices, to pay you support for the kids, and apply for visitation, or get rid of the electronics and be a husband and father to you and your kids.


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Recenia - posted on 10/07/2012




thanks everyone for your help and advice i am going to set down and have a good talk with him or at least try to because yes he is a good person and use to not be like this at all i miss our relationship we use to have and im glad you all were very truthful and upfront, but you all r right. Things do need to change servely and if the game addiction doesnt stop then i will leave.. THANKS AGAIN.

Stifler's - posted on 09/27/2012




Tell him to get rid of the game if he can't be responsible about his usage.

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