My fifteen year old daughter wants a nose ring. She has a good case, and she can always take it out without it leaving a scar, but I'm still on the fence. Thoughts?


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Super - posted on 04/16/2015




I think its a great idea to let her explore. The good thing is its only a nose pierced teens these days have other intentions and I find it perfectly normal for her ask you about a piercing.

Chana - posted on 04/15/2015




Ultimately it is your decision but just like anything done to alter your body there will be pain and scarring, not to mention healing time. I have seen the small ones on the side of the nose that I think look nice, not that I would ever do it, I just don't know about a nose ring at 15.

River - posted on 04/15/2015




I would make her wait until she's 16. Maybe do it for her birthday. It's a small piercing.

Trisha - posted on 04/14/2015




Ultimately, it is your decision as a parent. But there are risks of it becoming infected, inhaling the damn thing. I know a lot of people (adults) who have had issues with nose rings.

Brandy - posted on 04/14/2015




I agree with waiting until she's 16. But yes it will always have a hhole/scar. A little one though, probably.

Lucitta - posted on 04/14/2015




I personally think it's an alright piercing to get, and you have to consider she is asking your permission and consent, she's not just going and having it done. The smallest possible one you can get, it's like a tiny little dot, is actually quite cute.
Also, it won't leave a scar.

Gena - posted on 04/14/2015




I had ten piercings in my face when i was 19. 2 were dermal anchors near my eyes. Believe me,piercings do leave scars! I have a small round scar on both sides of my nose from the piercing and the other piercings left even more visibal scars.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/13/2015




Ears and nose for my kids are fine. I draw the line at eyebrow piercings, and tongue piercings, and ear gauging. I would probably also be fine with a lip piercing. BUT, non of these before 16.

My mom consented to let me get my lip pierced at 16, and I did my third holes and belly on my literally pierced them. Stupid, but did it.

I have had my lip pierced, tregus (both) ears all the way up, nose twice. Right now still have a few holes in my ears, and my nose. My lip barely left a scar, you have to really look, and my nose will def leave a big hole if I take it out.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure she goes to a reputable piercer. Personally, I would prefer to say yes, rather than she doing it behind your back or piercing it herself like I did.

Maybe make her a deal to wait until she is 16?

Raye - posted on 04/13/2015




Healing time for nose rings can be longer than ear piercings and there is more risk if infection. You have to leave the jewelry in during the healing process, as changing it too soon or too often can lead to irritation and infection and extend the healing time. Also if you take the jewelry out before it's completely healed, it could heal closed and not be able to get the jewelry back in. However, once it's healed, it would always be a hole in the nose. It may shrink so that you can't get the jewelry back in, but the hole would still be there. If an infection develops, it could also cause scarring. Your daughter should wait until she's 18 to get anything other than her ears pierced.

Michelle - posted on 04/12/2015




I had a nose ring and have a scar from it. You do have to look hard but it's there. You can't put a hole through your skin/body parts and not leave a scar!

Jodi - posted on 04/12/2015




Piercings DO leave scars. So no, she can't always take it out with no scar.

Just as an example, I used to have a second piercing in my ears. I haven't worn them in years (probably about 20 years). You can still see where the hole was. It is a myth that piercings don't leave scars.

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