My first baby 11 months old now, didn't crawl and walk I'm so worried as most of the babies on his age would definitely Crawl and walk, he is good in sounds as I could tell he is talking too much but very lazy to develop his motor skills> Note: he is a Pre term baby.. Please any moms who have the same situation like mine? Thank you..


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Amy - posted on 08/09/2012




My daughter was born full term she was a late walker, talker, and crawler. She didn't crawl in the true sense till she was 14 months old, if she wanted to get around before than she scooted around on her butt and managed just fine. The day after she started crawling is the day she let go of the furniture and started walking. Her motor skills fine and gross far surpass her brother at 2 1/2, and everyday she is stringing more and more words together. My son was like your an early talker, his fine motor skills have never been great but they improve a little each year just give your little one time eventually it all balances out by school age and if your concerned talk to your doctor and his 1 year check up.

Ailyn - posted on 08/09/2012




Thank You AMANDA my Mom told me the same that be patient and my son will definitely start to develop his milestones at different stages, but I was a little confused as most of my friends babies are early walker.
Maybe I'm just so excited to see my son walk around.

Amanda - posted on 08/09/2012




I had a premie and a full term, neither were walking at 11 months. My premie started walking at 12 months and my full term daughter was 14 1/2 months before she was even interested in trying.
All kids develop at their own rate. My son was alot quicker to develop his motor skills but my daughter was miles ahead of her age (and still is) with her verbal and communication skills, she's nearly 3 now and is still very lazy when she wants to be.

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