My first Child and Im EPICALLY FAILING!!!!

Sarah - posted on 10/26/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a two year old with an attitude ten times worse than mine. She hits me and never goes to bed without "crying it out". I feel so bad today, she was screaming and i shouted at her and smacked her mouth, not hard but smacked none the less. I think im making it worse on her. I am at my wits end. I cant seem to do anything right with her. I just want to give up but I cant ever leave her. I always disagree with the ways her father treats her, hes not abusive or anything, but when shes in trouble hes so cold with her. he ignores her every word and doesnt have any compassion with her. I feel like hes a machine taking care of a child. He thinks its okay for her to get into her highchair on her own when she can very well fall and hurt herself. He never helps her put on her shoes when she gets frustrated and yells at her feet. when shes in her highchair he will leave her alone and clean while she eats. when she hurts herself he just says "you can brush it off" but sometimes i feel like its okay to cry and she just wants to be held when she gets a booboo. I just feel like hes trying to make her independent too soon. And i have no clue how to encourage her to be a good happy little girl. She always hates me!! She does things she knows shes not supposed to do.. She always wants unreasonable things like taking a pee soaked dress everywhere or worse wearing it. I try and explain things to her but she just doesnt like me and i dont know why. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Am i just that stupid?!? Im desperate for anything that can help me ! I just want to be a good mommy to my baby.


Bek - posted on 10/26/2013




No you are not stupid- kids can drive u crazy ( mine sure as hell do) & constantly questioning my judgment calls, ESP when u & your partner have different parenting styles

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