My five month old son has cradle cap/ezcema

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My son has had cradle cap since about 2months old... Ezcema spots started at 3months. Jus recently I noticed that every time he drinks the formula he would get a new spot or a spot that he has been having would get bigger. He still has the same spots that first started. I've tried Aveeno products & Eucerin not helped & his doc didn't want to prescribe the steriod cream because his excema is not that bad...Is it possible that his ezcema is due to something that he's allergic to in the formula? What should I do?


Sarah - posted on 11/23/2014




You can try changing to a soy formula, but I had two of my four with the same problem and they were breastfed. Terrible eczema, and crusty heads!


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