My five year old daughter has a hard time "conforming" to what other children are doing or "supposed

Elyse - posted on 10/09/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




to be doing" whether it is in school or lessons. It depresses me to see she is different than the others. Worried she will not have friends.


Ev - posted on 10/09/2014




Most kids do well when it comes to conforming to the standard way of teaching in a classroom. But not all kids are able to do so. Do not be sad that she is different. Does she do well in school and at the lessons or is she struggling? That would be more of my concern. Also each child has a different learning style or styles. Some can learn better in one style than others while some learn from a few or more facets of styles. But it does not make her any worse off than the other kids. I would have her tested to see if she is having trouble with learning disabilities or other things and go from there. If she is not having issues, then her learning style is what it is and embrace it. I have a son who was diagnosed with a form of Autism and he is high functioning. It was a shock to hear that he was. But I had long ago embraced his differences because he saw the world so differently than others. He also had some learning delays and disabilities. But he has also come a long way over the years and carries a high grade point in high school. He has made his choice of careers early on too. Yes, he is different but he also has quite a few friends. That I do not thing you should worry about unless she has delay issues that the kids note and can pick on her about. Give it time.

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