My five year old will only eat chicken nuggets, pb&j, &pancakes...How can I get him to eat? Please help

Ciera - posted on 12/09/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




How to get my five year old son to at least try new foods


Ev - posted on 12/09/2013




First, stop giving in.

Second, ask yourself if you can remember what his eating habits were like when he was learning to eat foods and trying new ones.

Third, you should have been getting him to eat things other than these all the time. You need to start getting him to start taking tastes of things to get him used to them or find out what he will eat or not eat. Once you figure that out then make those things a part of each meal. Stop making pancakes or buying the frozen ones in the store. Chicken nuggets are made of fat, gristle, very little chicken, and other parts and pieces. If you want to give him some good chicken nuggets, make your own but only do this once in a while. PB&J is good but not all the time as peanut butter has a lot of protein. He needs other proteins.

Fourth, make it a rule that he has to eat what is on the table or placed in front of him. If he does not eat it, tell him you are going to save it for him and he can have it later. Put it in fridge and the next time he is hungry get it out and give it to him.

ONCE HE realizes that you are not going to budge he will change his eating habits. And mom, eat the same things so he sees you doing the same thing. Examples are also a big issue with kids this age because if they see us do one thing but we expect something else of them they will question and rebel against it.

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