My four month old baby is on a lactose free formula but is still always constipated. I have tried putting her on a few different formulas and one is never better than the other. I feel so bad for her. Is it ok to take her off formula all together and give her cereal with rice milk??


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/09/2012




No don't do that. She really needs the nutrition from the formula. Are you sure absolutely positive it is an issue with lactose? many times there is to much iron in formulas. my son had to be taken off of all iron to help him. I was also bfing. But the longest he was constipated for was 9 days. This was well before he was eating solids. Your baby is a bit to young for solids also. I used Enfamil "gentle ease" without the iron and it definitely helped. There is another recent thread on here with a women asking what to feed an older baby with constipation issues...which when your baby is ready, pears and prunes work wonders.

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