My four year old is a picky eater

Lauren - posted on 01/22/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




Help. I can't stand all the whining. What are some ideas????


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 01/23/2014




Now that you've changed your post to a question...

My kids weren't given a choice to be "picky". What I fixed, they ate. I never tried to force them to eat anything, but if they chose not to eat what was on their plate, their plate got refrigerated until they asked for food again, and then they were given what was initially offered.

There are some textures that bother kids. For example, for some very strange reason, neither of my kids liked gelatin (Jello) when they were toddlers. Most kids do, because its squishy and fun to eat, but mine were strange. Now they love it.

They went through youngest didn't like meat for a bit. No problem there, he & I ate salads. But I always followed the "what I"m eating, you're eating" plan, and it worked well. My kids are now grown, and love trying different foods

Adrienne - posted on 01/22/2014




With my son I always make him try it the same time I eat so he sees its good. Plus the whole no dessert and only warm water works as well. But al kids are different. Hope this helps

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