My Four year old keeps coming into our bed.


April - posted on 11/27/2008




my four year old recently started coming to bed with us also in the middle of the night. he's always been a wonderful sleeper in his own bed. when I asked him about it, he would say things like.. a monster pushed my bed over, or I got into a car accident, so I knew he was having bad dreams. After a couple of weeks we decided to do something about it because we all were loosing sleep. So one night we put him to bed together and did a search of his room with his flashlight.. looked in the closet, under the bed.. etc.. when he saw everything was ok, we tucked him in and prayed with him that god would send his angels to protect him and help him sleep well. we did that every night for about a week and he hasn't come to our bed since. now he comes in the morning and talks about his dreams, but they don't scare him anymore. it worked for us.. but each kid is different. I hear that it's a pretty normal stage to go through at thier age because thier imaginations are blossoming and growing. Good luck, I hope it works out!

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Heather - posted on 11/29/2008




why does it need breaking? It means that they need mommy's love and physical closeness, it's natural.

Sandra - posted on 11/28/2008




Read before you use the practices in Ferber's book. The AAP and a laundry list of other professional organizations, doctors, and parents strongly warn against the abusive and sometimes neglectful practices that he recommends. After you read that site, make your decision,

There's nothing wrong with your four year old seeking out your love in the middle of the night - parenting is a 24 hour job, and your baby will soon grow up and not need you. He will not be in your bed forever - love the moments while they exist. Good luck.

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Try reading Solve your Child's Sleep Problems by Richard Ferber - fantastic tips and ideas for different kids and age groups. It solved my problem and many of my friends with their kids too:) Good luck!

Rebecca - posted on 11/27/2008




kaitlyn also tryed the whole im scared thing, so we let our dog or cat sleep in her room for a few nights and she was totally fine with that one.

Amanda - posted on 11/27/2008




Hi.. My son had also started the the I'm scared there's monsters in my room, stage.
I have always had a strict policy that only mummy and daddy sleep in our bed. So if he's scared he has to sleep on his blanket on the floor of our room with his pillow. That's as far as he's allowed to get..

I also changed his bedspread, something exciting could make them WANT to sleep in their room. Even a cool lamp with their favourite character or person on it, can help "Protect" them while they sleep :)

I hope that might help you :)

Erin - posted on 11/27/2008




well i hear ya my 4 yo sleeps with us every night, he swears hes scared to sleep in his own bed, and its in our room?? ill tell you im so tired at night i just dont want to go through the struggle to make him sleep in his own bed, wish i could help you, but i def feel ya..

Alixandria - posted on 11/27/2008




Ifshe's not coming in there because of nightmares close her door and lock yours... I know it seems mean but she probably won't like sleeping on the floor. We had to do it with our 2 yr old because she was in our bed constantly. Now we only let her in on Sunday mornings when we all eat breakfast in bed as a family and goof around all day...

Rebecca - posted on 11/27/2008




my daughter always stayed in her bed, but when she was sick she got use to coming into bed with us. but after she was sick we would just take her back to bed and tell her that mommy and daddy's bed just isnt big enough for all 3 of us!!!!

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