My future child's skin tone

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I have one son who's father was originally from guatamola. but it didn't work out with his father he was not a good person and my son was better off with out him!!! He was always sleeping around !!!

I have been with my current spouse not married but practically together for about 5 years !!!

I'm white and my son who is now 7 is white as a ghost and his biological father was pretty. Dark !!!

I'm pregnent again with my guy I have been with now for like 5 years he's prety dark but at times like winter his skin lightens up an with summer gets dark !!!

My question is if my first is so white do y'all think the second will be the same I'm wondering if my skin is the domonint. One because he was tan as a baby first pink for long time then got tan and with winter my son gets very white and by summer his skin is so far I have to put lots sun tan lotion !!! I'm just curious if the next will be the same in not sure cause my partner as two from someone else and there both prety dark or at lest u can tell there mixed !!!

But with my son u can't even tell !! I know it doesn't matter so I'm just curious to see the next one !!!

It doesn't really matter I love my baby boy and will love this one too but I guess I'm asking what Dominican/ half white usally look like !!!


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There really is no way to predict skin color without a full genetic work up on both of you. You can have these done for about $400 most places, a little more in more expensive areas.

I am 7/9ths Native American, but I am also very fair. In the summer, you can see the red in my skin--my tan is not the normal golden tan most white women get, and I tan VERY easily, it only takes about 10 minutes of sun with SPF 50 on for my skin to start darkening. I've tried wearing hats and SPF clothing and everything, but no matter what, I darken in the summer. In the winter, my complexion turns more fair, I actually have some freckles!

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