My girl 5 years old refuse to get a haircut , what shall I do ?


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Sarah - posted on 11/28/2012




Our hairdresser is a friend, so she came to the house and trimmed (we dont use the word cut- it sounds scary!) my 3 year old's hair in the comfort of our kitchen. I have heard of other beauticians who will do this! Good luck!

Amal - posted on 11/28/2012




Hi cassandra...All 5 year girls have the same problem ..its true that a womans crown is her hair...OK We own a beauty salon so i might be of help ...and many mommys bring their toddlers for a hair cut at the salon cause we trained our beauticians on treating then the right way so they wont cry !!...tell you what you need to do go to the hairsalon a day ahead talk to the Sweetest looking beautician that likes kids and tell her about your daughter and ask her to keep talking nice things to the kid when she sees her example ..."wow your dress is pretty" .." you love barbies" .." who made your hair ..Mommy how pretty" ..then seat her at the chair and tell your girl before hand that we will get a hairdo not a CUT as the beautician keeps talking she will trim the ends slowly without showing her the fallen hair " it helps if you stand at her back" the beautician gives the impression that she is coming while in reality she trims the hair...dont forget to take her favourite doll along,,,

I dont know if that helps ...but i have seen many mommys go through it its an ordeal ..but most mommys cry more than their babies in fact its not a hurdle to the child if you dont make it one ...what i mean to say is that our kids are stronger than we think ..

Have a good day ..and tell me how it goes ..all the luck

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