my girl is so active that she can't stay to study. and if i keep her she barely look at the book. can anyone suggest a solution

Thoiba - posted on 11/21/2012 ( 11 moms have responded )




my girl is so active that she can't stay to study. and if i keep her she bar


Kaitlin - posted on 11/22/2012




a three and a half year old should not be studying- she's supposed to be active. Let her play! There are plenty of ways to encourage letter recognition and counting skills without 'studying' or staring at a book for hours. Use crayons, chalk, food to count, foam letters in the bathtub, alphabet soup, etc.

And really, she does not need to be doing any studying right now! Let her be active! It's a good thing!

Juliannemarie - posted on 11/22/2012




She's too young to sit and study. She's 3! Let her play and be a kid.

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At this age they learn much more through active play than sitting and studying. She sounds like a normal 3 year old.


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Thoiba - posted on 11/25/2012




thanks a lot. your advise helped me a lot. from 2day i would try new methods for her.

Tracy - posted on 11/24/2012




Kids learn from the time they get up until their head hits the pillow. Try sneaking your lessons into every day life. A simple STOP signs can teach a shape, a color, four letters and letter sounds and a valuable safety lesson. Contests work great too. Let's see who can count the most blue cars, or how many birds can you find? Put index cards with words on items around the house to start teaching them that items have names and the names can be written with letters that make words. Then start taking those cards down and putting them into sentances. Let them be silly and experiment even if what they do makes no sense. Humor works great with active kids and your lessons will stick in their memories.

I also try to use new words as much as possible. Give them praise or rewards if they ask you what a new word is, then explain it. This will start a good habit for later on. If they ask a question, sometimes it is better to help them figure out and discover the answer on their own. Like when my child asked me why we can look at the moon, but it burns his eyes to look at the sun. We took out balls and had fun learnin about stars and planets. Then he was eager to sit down and look at a book about our solar system. I really didn't think my 2 1/2 year old would understand, but he still can explain it 2 years later.

The bottom line is that all kids learn differently so you need to find out what works for each child and be creative. I have a visual academic style son, a curious, creative and physical son, and an audial creative and strong-willed daughter that I tend to use rhymes and songs with movement for. Get them active and always be teaching. They don't need to know they are studying. Best of luck!

Thoiba - posted on 11/24/2012




thanks a lot. i was worried because in her class children age of 2 learns more lessons than her. they give many things to memorize. she is in kindergarden

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At 3.5 she shouldn't be expected to sit and study. Some children will do it naturally while others are simply not capable of it. Work with her in short (think 2 minutes not 10) bursts and find more active ways to introduce her to the material. Have her act out the story while you read it, get her to use fingerpaints/shaving cream/sand/whatever to draw letters... It will take some creativity on your part, but you will both be happier and less stressed.

Ariana - posted on 11/23/2012




That's pretty normal. A three year old can't really study, and if you want her learning things by looking at books it's best for you to sit and read with her, possibly on your lap. I do think she should be able to sit and listen to a story but if she's not used to it you'll have to gradually get her up to that.

So start with one book with lots of pictures and maybe even have her point out what's going on and talk about it a lot and go up from there slowly.

Also if you want her to work on things start it like that as well, she might even be able to stand up while working at a table if she's very energetic. Most kids that age can't sit for very long peroids of time but they can work on something for 5 minutes. If you have a little workbook (age appropriate one) you could have her work on it with you for 5 minutes with a timer and then that's it.

That being said there are many other educational things you can use that you can work with her to get her learning her letters and numbers, lots of different toys she can play with, not everyone is a sit-down-and-listen learner. She does need to learn to pay attention and sit still for at least very short peroids of time though so by the time she's 4/5 she can at least focus for a little bit, she'll be in kindergarten in a year or so...

Kristina - posted on 11/22/2012




In my opinion, I don't really think there is a whole lot you can do. My daughter will be 5 in December, and she still has a very short attention span. I have a level 1 children learning and development course, and I have worked in a couple of daycares. I have found that children at the age of 3 years learn best through active play and role playing. Singing songs and acting out stories. The whole "seriously sitting down to study thing" bores them quite quickly. If you are ready books to her, maybe try asking her about the pictures. What's happening in this picture? Why do you think the boy looks so sad? Getting her involved in the thinking process may help as it keeps her occupied on the book, and children love a challange. I hope this was helpful!! Good luck :)

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