My going to be Step-Daughter

Heather - posted on 04/05/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I feel so helpless and I have ran out of strength but I am being patient. I have been engaged for almost 2 years now and getting married in 2 weeks. My fiance's 11 year old daughter is some what out of control. I have 2 of my own children and they are drama free children (think goodness). My fiance has not had many serious relationships until me. He was never married to his child's mother. Its has been a roller coaster with his daughter. At first she wanted to be around and was like my little friend. Then when we decided to move in together and blend our family heck broke loss in her. She has no respect for no one and I mean no one. It seems she has to force her self to smile and have fun. I have found letter about how she hates me and doesn't want me around. She does every thing she can think of to cause trouble and drama to our lives. My fiance finds bad text she sends to her friends about me and him. She also goes as low as texts to his ex-girl friend and tells everything that is going on in our day to day life. She never lets up! We talk to her until we are blue in the face! We reassure her our love for her and I only want to be her friend. But nothing we say sinks in she continues! She admitted that she believes if she causes as much drama and trouble with us we will give up and break up. HELP! My fiance begs me to be patient! Here latest letter feature of course "Me" explaining how she feels that she is jealous of me because I am taking her dads love from her. So matter what we do or say it doesn't help her think any different.


Holly - posted on 04/05/2013




wow, sounds ALOT like an older version of my stepdaughter.... me and my fiance have been together for 3yrs, moved in for 1.5 of those years. SD is only 8, lies, manipulates, instigates crap, is MEAN to my daughters. she is not a very nice person... I try my hardest to make her feel included. she ruins my daughters' things. instead of being jealous of me, she is jealous of my daughters... she tries to get hugs from me and my fiancee before my kids and get last hugs also... my kids are 8 & 9, never cause drama, always tries to include SD in everything as well... as much as she is mean and conniving towards them they STILL try to include her in everything they do... she is nosy, tries to correct anybody and everybody even adults.... I will be talking to my mother about how she sunburns and she will chime in about "no i don't. I don't tan or burn." (the child has porcelain skin of COURSE she burns, I've been there when she is burned) ugh... She is mean, manipulative, lies, rude, sneaky, greedy, tries to get other children in trouble for what she does, not a very nice person

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