My grandaughter is 5 my daughter left her husband a year ago. He lives in Texas and we live in Oregon. He was verbally abusive and used to accuse her of all types of stuff. Both my daughter and grandaughter needed time to heal. My daughter got them both into counceling and they have come a long way. The dad has showed up a couple of times in the past year and each time he sees them my grandaughter backslides. She has abandonment issues and has melt downs, My partner and I have given them both lots of love and encouragement and just in the last 2 months my grandaughter has come to trust us enough to spend the night when my daughter is on call (she is a hospice nurse}. The dad has what I call tantrums. The last time I am aware of one is when the four of us when to see my dad for thanksgiving. On the way this man kept calling my daughter and accused her of being with another man {even though they are not together he still will not let her go and he takes it out on my grandaughter) my grandaughter kept telling her mom to let her talk to her dad so she did and the dad told my grandaughter.


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Susan - posted on 12/24/2012




Sorry, The dad said I am never going to see you again. She started crying and when she told me what he said I wanted to kill him. Why would he tell a five year old that. We told her he didn't mean it. I did not know what to say. He is the type of person who needs all the attention on him. He told my daughter he was coming out for Christmas then he said he wasn't then was and then he showed up on her doorstep. She let him sleep on the couch and all was fine until she was invited out with one of her girlfriends from work. He had a fit and moved to a hotel which upset my grandaughter. He told her he would be back for Christmas then he came over drunk on Christmas Eve while my grandaughter was with me and started calling my daughter bad names and she told him to get out of her house. He told her ok I will not be over for Christmas. See he takes it out on his daughter he knows it will hurt her. I want to tell my grandaughter that her dad is not acting nice and that he needs a time out. That it is ok because we love her and will always be there for her.I am afraid to say anything.

Dove - posted on 12/24/2012




Dad told the granddaughter what? Hard to give any input w/out the rest of the story.....

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