my granddaughter has down sydrone.1 of the sicknees that goes with it is constipation..Which she had almost since she was born (around 4 month) she is non 14 months old.the doctor told my son to give karo 3X a day which she stil cann't go it make take 2 to 3 days. U cry when she goes She scream so bad until it is out.they also said little enema if needed marlax my son is agains all extra meds. she has early intervention.which the speech therapist said start her on stage 3 foods. it will help her with different textures ,learning to move tongue & son told me just now go back on puree.He things she was not this bad on that food.I told him she was besides that she onyl takes about 2 tabsp 2x aday .the doctor told us when she moves around more it shoul help. Any suggestions please?I'll thank u now as i watch her & 3month old brother{well i will be in 2 weeks as mom goes back 2 work}but i do watch my gd moct of the day so i can work with her thanks again

Patricia - posted on 10/05/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




any help for a child to move her bowels she has DS on kara 3x a day cries really bad when she goes she is 13 months old thank you

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