my granddaughter who is two will not eat anything but treats.

Jan - posted on 01/19/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




she has eaten nothing from the time she was born until 1 month ago. she has been breast and bottled feed from the time she was born. mom has had to work from the time she was a couple of months old and the baby loves her cuddling feeding time. she plays with mommy's hair, etc. now she is put in a highchair and 2 panicky parents hand her cookies, goodies anything she will a behaviorist I think she wants the mommy time and they would have better luck having a dish of food on mommy's lap and let her pick at it and cuddle until she does not associate love time with food time. they are doing a great job. however they forget at 2 she wants what she wants and will do what she has to to get it. good luck to all you moms out there and daddy,s it's food and if they do not have any medical problems they will eat it eventually.


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Raye - posted on 01/20/2016




Starting around six months, the child should have been started on baby foods to get them used to different flavors and textures, with the majority of nutrition still coming from breast milk of formula. Then at 1 year old, the child should be eating more foods and phasing out the bottles. But that time has passed for your gbaby. Kids can't be expected to all of a sudden switch to solid foods, or all of a sudden not have the close bonding time with mommy. It takes time. And the junk food is definitely bad for the child. The mother needs to work with the child to get it to eat, and eat healthy. What she does now will become habit to the child in the future. So if the child gets junk, they will continue to want junk. And it will be much harder to change once it's become habit to the child.

Michelle - posted on 01/19/2016




Have you told your daughter what you just wrote here?
She also needs to stop with the junk food, that's not good for the child at all!
Your daughter sounds like she needs a bit of guidance in parenting.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 01/19/2016




So tell your daughter that she needs to stop feeding her kid junk!

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