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My son found out his wife had been flirting with a guy at work and he called me with a broken heart, so I listened and gave what advice I could then he said I don't want to live anymore, so I got upset because I hadnt heard from him for a day, so I text my daughter-in -law and ask was they ok she got mad told me leave her alone I said ok, then she calls my husband and tells him all kinds of lies he comes home screaming and yelling at me and my friend was on the phone and heard him. She got scared and called my daughter so I didn't know but my daughter called her and left her a voice mail she better leave me alone and quit calling her step dad which he is also my sons stepdad and then I get a voice mail fom my son and he said I could no longer see the kids they are 2 and 4 and I have been with them ever since they were born, and of course I'm 63 and my bipolar husband is only 46, that is the mistake I made, but I have cried and my heart is broken what am I to do?


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1) Why would you text your DIL, when it is your son you are looking for? You DIL already knows that her husband knows she may be unfaithful. You didn't need to compound that situation by calling her, when you were looking for your son.
2) If your 'bipolar' husband is truly that bipolar, why has he not been evaluated, and why do you put up with crap treatment from him? Anyone that comes home screaming at me for no good reason doesn't come to my home any more...
3) Why did your friend call your daughter, and not the authorities, if she was that concerned about your well being? You were in an obviously abusive situation at that point.
4) Rather than your daughter rudely telling off another adult, perhaps she could have taken some time to figure out why that other adult was concerned.
5) This family sounds like there's more than one issue. Here's my advice. Let your son and his wife handle their own relationship. YOU worry about your situation. I recommend counseling at the least, and leaving the asshole at best. And perhaps some visits for your daughter as well, if she's been witnessing you in this abusive relationship long enough to take others to task for being concerned about you.


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