my grandson and child care did we do the right thing

Brenda - posted on 01/27/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




my 2 and a half year old grandson started childcare 3 weeks ago and being he had never been to one we were trying to let him adjust,with me and his uncle being primary caretakers we knew him better that his mom who left for work at 730 till 530,and when my daughter started school I had to pick him up and he would see me and grab me so hard around the neck and stay there a couple of mins then he would get down and go straight to cubby and get his stuff,when mom would drop him off he would scan the room and tear up and hang on,his aunt worked ther but he didnt no her well but he knew her,she left at 2,she said he had fun there but every night he would say he didnt want to go(and I noticed when I went and picked him up all these kids would crowed me with somber faces none of then smiling) I went to another daycare and the gave me appl to fill out I told them how unhappy he was,I didnt get by there till the next week when owner was there,when I walked in she already had a frown on her face but didnt think much of it I was then asked wasnt he on ABC and I said no (later I thought about it that they assume he was on it) I never told them that we went in the room and he took off smiling and happy most of these kids were happy and smiling we were there for a bit and the owner ask what daycare he went to the after a bit left the room she was gone 10 mins then can back and said oh I am sorry but a mom who already was enrolled her just called and is starting work monday and I have to move a child so I have no openings for yours I kinda just gave here a look like what??
my grandson is mixed ,but she had 2 black boys and girl and a mexican child there,however I wasnt dressed my best as I had just got off work and I drive an old car so dont no what the preiduce was from me or him anyway my daughter took her son to regular daycare next day and everybody was more nice than they had ever been and for once my grandson was smiling when she got there,however the reason we pulled him out was because the day b4 I went to pick him up and they had all the babies outside and it was 60 degrees with wind at 12 to 14 with no coats n hats on,older kids who went to school had coats on and ever since he started there he had a running nose n cough my daughter finally took him to doctor and he has a upper resptory infrction,and he also slept with his diaper bag everyday and you couldnt take it from him can someone give me some input,I mean it really dosnt matter cause we pulled him out,guess I am asking did we do right??? thanks for any info or ideas you have


Crystal - posted on 01/27/2013




It is hard for some to adjust to changes or being away from the ones that they know love and take care of them. If you are not comfortable with a place or trust them to take care of your loved one, then you did the right thing pulling him out of there. It sounds like his diaper bag has become his security blanket. It seems to be the one constant thing he has right now. It is important for both you and the child to trust and be comfortable with who is taking care of him when you guys cannot. Once the situation has become stable, it may take some time for him to adjust, but he should come around. Even though it is hard for him to express himself or tell you what is going on, try to pick up on his ques. He could also have seperation anxiety, which is very normal. It took my daughter a long time to adjust to going to her babysitter and school. Even now, I cannot drop her off or she will get very upset and not want to let me go.

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