My hair stopped growing while I was pregnant.

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My hair stopped growing while I was pregnant. My baby's 8 weeks old and it's still not growing. What's going on? Is there anything I can do to jump-start re-growth? It's not falling out or thinning, just not gettting any longer, which is strange b/c it used to grow so fast! HELP!


Tara - posted on 04/21/2009




there are many things that can happen to your hair after being pregnant as Megan stated.....all caused by hormone changes in your body.
Is your hair coloured?
if so do you not have roots?
is it your natural colour?
the thing is if you are not getting roots from your color it is not growing ...if you are and its not getting anywhere it is you are just loosing it rapidly......if it is your natural colour and not going anywhere it probably is the same problem ...which is very normal ..a lot of people shed a lot of hair after/before giving birth.......

I am also a hairstylist and I specialize in anything for people whom have developed thinning hair due to sickness...naturally, kemo..wigs, extensions, and have taken many courses on the subject....if there is anything you want to ask me feel free to msg me and ask by any means!

Megan also mentioned Nioxin and this is a lot different than a lot of hair reproduction products because it is not a lifetime commitment which most of them are ....they all work for the right people ...but it is the only one that you don't HAVE to use for life....there is no woman in the world that should naturally be thinning or experiencing reduction in hair growth and only half of balding men unless it caused internally, by medication, or environmental....we eat from plastics and aluminums etc all the time and they enter the food and drinks that we consume and everything comes out in your hair can take a piece of hair and create a complete time line of what you put in your body.....all the medication even a tylenol will show up on a strand of hair ......this is why it is effected so easily...........Nioxin just makes sure your scalp is healthy to encourage the growth of healthy hair ......and you finish using it when you feel you have reached the desired result......after that you may decide to use it once in a blue moon just to maintain what you did or if you have another baby to prevent this from occurring as badly again....I used Nioxin for a year and a half and my results were fantastic......that was over 6 years ago and have never felt the need to use it again. defenately worth the try. if you do decide to use it then in the beginning you might experience more hair loss for a short period of time need to panic it is just sheding the hair that is unhealthy and about to shed itself make way for new growth need to panic you wont be bald......

good luck hope all works out for you ..hope i could help a bit...again if you want to ask me anything else post me a msg

User - posted on 04/21/2009




As a mom and a hairstylist i have seen alot of crazy things that homones can do during pregnancy.did you have fine hair to start out with? there are products like the nioxin brand that supposedly help with hair growth,but i have heard if you discontinue use then the progress could stop. with most clients ..time is usually the answer. i have had people go from straight to curly,or curly to straight..color naturally change,,hair loss ,grow . hang in there it can be frustrating. good luck

Kaitlynn - posted on 04/21/2009




Are you breastfeeding? I'm just guessing here but if you are the hormones your body creates during pregnancy are similar to breastfeeding, or something like that. Same idea as not getting your period as quickly if you breastfeed. Just a thought. Not sure if I am right but it makes sense to me!


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Amanda - posted on 04/21/2009




The same thing happened to me. My sis-in-law told me to start taking folic acid so that's what I'm trying. Good luck.

Jodie - posted on 04/21/2009




i was told that i could keep taking the prenatal vitamins after i was pregnant to keep my nails strong and my hair growing i have very thick hair and it never stopped growing but it was coming out in large clumps a few weeks after i gave birth but the prenatals keep ur body strong and i know of a few people who took them because of the same problem your having

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