My HCG levels at 4wks and 6 days are at 262. Is that low enough to have a miscarriage?

Soky - posted on 01/07/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My doctor has been reviewing my hcg levels and saying that there were rising from 240 to 262 in 48hours but arent doubling. She is saying that I am most likely going to have a miscarriage or having an etopic pregnancy. I got back to get more blood work done this Sat and then Mon- I get more blood drawn and then Tuesday I talk to my dr about whats going on.

Im actually not having any bleedings and have mild or no crampings.


Louise - posted on 01/08/2011




I had three missed miscarriages as they are called where the egg stops growing but the body does not expel the fetus. If this is what is happening to you then you will be offered either surgery or miscarriage pills which are non invasive but are quite emotionally draining. Have bloods drawn again or better still ask for a scan. All three of my miscarriages were clarified by scan as the egg sacks were not as big as they should of been. Also a heart beat can be seen after 6 weeks. These missed miscarriages do not have any symptoms of miss carriage. I was in no pain, I just knew something was wrong as my breasts no longer hurt and the feeling of being bloated had gone away. If this is happening to you then get as much information you can on this and above all believe me there is nothing you can do. In most cases this is a one off in a womans life. I had a blood clotting problem that was found later. I have my fingers crossed for you.


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I misscarried and my levels were 2400 at 4 weeks 3 days... so yes. However if your progesterone is still up then there may be hope.

You may be having a missed miscarriage.

I'm actually going through one now. I had bleeding but it stopped after a week. However after an ultrasound and blood tests my hormones are still up and a still 4 week old looking baby is in my uterus. My last miscarriage was the same as well.

Amanda - posted on 01/07/2011




That does seem pretty low, when I was miscarring at 5 weeks I had levels of 5000 at 5 weeks on the dot.

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