My high school son assaulted on campus-staff failed at safety-

Elizabeth - posted on 06/03/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My freshman son was jumped and beat to a pulp on May 12th on his high school campus. The perp wasn't arrested and was only suspended. My son sustained a concussion, broken nose, lacerations to the face requiring stitches, two black eyes and a split lip...I was not called my ex was but when he asked to speak to our son the vice principal said no-the vice principal also claims to have made a medical assessment and decided not to call 911. My son sat there, dizzy, nauseas, bleeding profusely and in pain while sequestered and interviewed for an hour until his dad arrived and insisted on taking him to er- even then staff wanted my son to wait to give statement to police. He has reported being bullied by the perp previous to the assault. I'm angry and sad but mostly disappointed, anyone been here?? I can't get the school to expell the perp they asked my kid to change the routes he takes on campus?? I want answers, not getting much from school and juvi div of the DA's office aren't telling me anything...would love to know if anyone here has had a similar experience? Thank you!


~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/03/2015




I would contact the police and press charges. Did your son go to the ER? Does the school have this on record? Have you sat with the principal and the parents of the boy who did this? Have you reached out to the superintendent of the school? Talked to the school board?

I am so sorry this happened to your son. They neglected him. Did they even have the nurse of the school look at him??? Are you taking any further steps? Do you have a lawyer? If not, look into getting one.

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