My home pregnancy tests say negative but I am still late on my period.

Linzy - posted on 10/30/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have taken 2 pregnancy test every week for about a month now and all of them say negative or they didn't read a result. I am dizzy and lightheaded everyday I have to get up. When I get hungry I try to eat but than when I eat I throw it up. I start to feel better and I give it awhile before I eat again. I normally can go all day without a nap but for a month I can't. I work 5 hours. When I got home I went to sleep and slept until my boyfriend got home. What should I do?


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Amber - posted on 10/31/2015




My step sister took a pregnancy test when she was 5 months pregnant with my niece just messing around and it came up negitive. Also I took one cause I knew I was pregnant I just had that feeling and it came up negitive so a week or so later I took 2 and they were positive. Now I have a wonderful almost 6 month old. So you might be, you just need to go to the doctor and see. Best of luck!!

Raye - posted on 10/30/2015




You should get checked out by a doctor. If you're not pregnant, but have missed periods, it could be another medical issue that should be diagnosed and treated.

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