My husband always thinks I'm negative about ex and their child

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My husband's ex and his son lives 400 miles away. If his ex post something on fb or text something that I dislike or i think its harmful to the child like buying a go cart for a 4 year old and I say anything about it he fusses saying I'm always looking to argue. We get the child every other month for a month if I try to make him mind my husband fusses saying I hate his son and don't want him around. He wants me to love on him but not correct him. He allows his son to do whatever he wants without punishment. We can't go anywhere as a family because his son cries to go home so my husband gives him his way and I say something about it and I get fussed at. Also i have a 6 year old grandchild that we raise and he has to mind all the time and never gets his way because i will not allow it. What can I do I'm miserable and ready to leave!!!!


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The child is FOUR... and transfers homes month to month?! How traumatizing for that poor boy. :(

If you are not on the same page in parenting or at least willing to back each other up... your relationship will not last and the one who will suffer most is the innocent child who is already suffering.

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If you aren't on the same page with parenting you either need to go to parenting classes together or go on your own.
I'm curious to the age gap between you and your boyfriend. He has a 4yo and you are a grandmother. That in itself is scary.

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