My husband and I are an adoptive couple looking to connect with a special Birthmother.

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Alan and I have been married 4 years. After a three year struggle with infertility and several losses we've started the adoption process.
While we are working with a local agency, we have started to search for a special Birthmother to change our lives.

If you know someone who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption please tell them about us. Even if we are not the match for them we know plenty of people who are waiting for their precious baby to come along and may just be the family they've been searching for.

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Michelle - posted on 10/03/2013




Like previously stated, this isn't the place to look for a birth mother.

Keep working with the adoption agency.
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Sarah - posted on 10/02/2013




This is really not the place to be looking for birth parents. I would suggest getting in contact with an adoption agency located by you.

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