My husband and I disagree on wether or not to give my 6 yr old son meds for his Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Rachel - posted on 07/20/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 6yr old son was diagnosed today withODD after years of trying to figure out why he is so angry and abusive.The Psycatrist prescribed RISPERDAL my husband said not to give it to him.If it will help I'm willing to try it.What should I do?


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Nancy - posted on 04/17/2015




My son was on that med and it did nothing for him, he is now about to turn 14 and has been getting easier to deal with each and every year, My son development the breast tissue and gained a ton of weight from risperdal also which messed up his self esteem. He also tried Abilify and gained 30lbs in 3 months...I do not have him on any medications right now.
The only med that kinda worked for him was Clonodine, which lowers their blood pressure, which i guess calms them down.

Good luck and whatever you decide...its not easy

Michelle - posted on 07/20/2012




As a parent of a child who actually has ODD I will talk to you about our experience, like your son my child was diagnosed with ODD at a young age. What people don't understand is these children don't want to be defiant they honestly can't help it. My son has been coping with his illness for 11 years now. He was also prescribed risperidone, the first day on the meds we saw a drastic change in my sons behavior things that were a constant battle in our house became easy. The constant fighting between my son and I stopped and I actually got to get to really know the boy my son was becoming and not dread the next battle. Without his meds my son still is extremely oppositional and when you call him on it he will always say I'm not trying to be that way. For me the meds were a god send he went from almost failing Kindergarten to being a straight A student.

Elizabeth - posted on 07/20/2012




My personal opinion on this is that doctors are very much over medicating children today. It seems that everything is a syndrome or needs a diagnoses. That said..I don't live with your child..what the heck do I know.

I am very much against medicine for my children (my husband and I have 3) and myself as well. I won't even take Tylenol for cramps unless I'm just dying from pain. So I tend to side with him.

I would do a lot of talking to him and explain to him what an appropriate response to anger is. Talking about it, going to your room and spending some time cooling off. Really spell it out for him..he is only 6 years old. Perhaps what he needs instead of medication is coping skills. Teach him how to cope with his anger.

Krista - posted on 07/20/2012




Ask your husband what he suggests as an alternative. Obviously your son needs SOME form of treatment and help. ODD doesn't just fix itself. So your husband needs to get to work and research the condition and how it's treated, and offer alternatives, instead of just saying no.

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