My husband blames me for his cheating...

Tiffani - posted on 08/06/2017 ( 4 moms have responded )




O.k.... my husband has cheated on me several times, that I'm aware of. He either denies the infidelity or blames out on me ( either I don't cook enough or some other weak excuse), depending on the time of day that the issue is discussed. He also minimizes the seriousness of him cheating by saying things like only love you or when I ask questions he'll say " it ain't even like that". He says it'll never happen again, but it keeps happening. My heart is hurting and I don't trust him. Please help!


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Rachel - posted on 08/09/2017




My advice is that you leave him because it sounds like he may be going to abuse you

Lena - posted on 08/07/2017




Of course he blames you. The cheaters don't and won't take responsibility for their cheating. It's easier to blame it on you then accept the responsibility themselves. If they accept it or admit it to you, then they are the bad guys. Plus, cheaters will always look for a reason to justify what they've done. It makes it ok in their minds and also makes it ok for them to do it again or continue doing it. It's a sad topic and an extremely emotional time to go through.

It's a level of maturity. Everyone in this world has a line they will not cross. When that moment presents itself (to cheat) it's up to how mature that person is to either go for it or be an adult who is married or has a significant other and say no thanks.

Before a husband or wife feels the want to cheat, they should leave the relationship. It will save them embarrassment, feeling like a fool and will not add to the hurt when you hear from someone that they saw him/her here or there with someone else.

Michelle - posted on 08/06/2017




My ex husband blamed me for his cheating by saying I didn't give him enough sex.
Sorry, but he won't change and he is really playing you. At the moment, he knows he can do anything he wants and you won't leave.
I suggest you get some counseling, build up your own self esteem and leave him. Why do you want to stay with a man who doesn't respect you or your marriage vows?

Sarah - posted on 08/06/2017




Either get some counseling to get the truth out on the table or leave him- he isn't going to change.

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