My husband does not respect me

Amanda - posted on 07/25/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




My husband and I have been together for 4 yrs, married 2 yrs. the 1st 2yrs were amazing! I have 3 girls from a previous marriage that lasted 8ys. Once I introduce him to my kids they loved him! And he joke and play with them. And looked forward to him coming home from work. About 6 months before we had gotten married he changed for the worse. Always yelling and never happy unless he was drinking with his buddies. And him and I can't drink together!!! After we got married we decided for me to be a stay at home mom because at income tax time we have to pay in a lot with my income. Well now I can't get him to help with ANYTHING!! He works 2weeks on and 10days off. On his days off he wakes up at 12 or 1 gets up and eats and goes back to sleep till supper time. After supper he looks around the house and yells and screams at me and the kids cus it's not to his standards then goes back to bed until the afternoon. He will not help with yard work and any house work. He feels that since he pays all the bills he shouldn't have to do anything. He lays in bed and barks orders from the bedroom. Him and I can't talk anymore cause he always yelling at me telling me to go fuck myself or get my head out of my ass and how he's so sick of my shit all while I'm 10weeks pregnant. Just now as im writing this he is screaming at me because i cleaned the fridge out yesterday and threw away his KFC from 3 days ago. Usually he's mad cus i dont clean the fridge out in a timely manner. My kids now would rather be at their dads then listen to this every day. I haven't slept in the same bed with him or months now. Every time I do he starts arguing with me while I'm trying to sleep. I tried to lay in bed with him last night and he started yelling at me because I went to a grocery store that he doesn't go to. And every year to takes a "fishing" trip for a week in Canada. Well his "fishing" trip is strippers. Right when we started dating I told him I don't like that shit at all or porn so if he does that stuff our relationship ends now. Yeah, so here I am married to him :/ I didn't know about it until a friend had told me a month after we were married. His excuse is that if he's doesn't touch and go home with them there should be no problem. He's trying to get me to go to counseling because apparently me getting pissed that he gets laps dances from naked girls, I have mental issues. I don't want to get divorced again. I don't wish that appon anyone but I'm starting to think being a single mom is way better then putting up with this.


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To function well in the family, this must be healthy spiritual and mentally. Kids are first, because every child is a generation they need a good environment to grow well. A WELL STRUCTURE FAMILY IS PART OF A STRONG NATION. You have to choose what´s the best for your kids.

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I agree with the others but if he's wanting you to go to counseling then go. Just because he says it's because you need to accept his "fishing" trips doesn't mean that's all you will be discussing.
It will give you a neutral ground and a 3rd person to be able to bring up your problems in your marriage. I can assure you he won't be berating you and calling you names in front of a counselor.

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And married him. What a shame. I agree with Shawnn. He changed before you were married. He was an asshole to you before you were married. Why did you go there???? Anyway, all I can suggest is that if you don't want a divorce, you should BOTH go to counselling. Together. And perhaps individually as well, because it is clear you both have issues.

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Sorry, but I wouldn't have married him in the first place. He didn't change AFTER you married, he changed before.

Best of luck

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