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Christine - posted on 04/16/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi, my problem is how to deal with my husband Ex-wife who is 58 years old and am 41 years old,(BTW my husband is 61 years old) maybe that explain why I found it difficult to have any kind of relation from her side not me ,I like to have a normal and peaceful life with my husband, but to say the true I hate when she appear on scene by E-mail, only for asking about MONEY , putting in mind that the result of the financial agreement was 75% for HER and 25% for him, we accepted because we need to get over this and start our new life after she stopped us for 3 years trying to get a financial agreement by many nasty ways, second his kids are 28 years old and 24 years old did not talk to him for now about 3 years from the date that he said that he will divorce their mother.(only asking for money by their mother tongue)
We are so so happy together we really love each other we decide to start a new life doesn’t matter the money that he loosed we will work and try to do our best, but for me now I don’t want her to appear in our life all the times asking for more money for the kids, trying to make our life backwards.
I hope he will have a relation with his kids because I understand he doesn’t want to show me that this is influence on him, but I have kids and I feel.
My two kids are living with us and we have a good relation with them no problem they are 14 years old twin boy and girl but this is not enough for him.
Can anybody help me in my situation?
Many thanks


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 04/16/2014




Whatever was agreed between the two of them at the time of their divorce is between the two of them and their attorneys. If he agreed to a certain amount, and is not paying it, then she'll be 'in the picture'.

If she just wants more, she needs to take it back to court, but he shouldn't be paying support for adult children who can support themselves. If that is the case, then he should take it back to court.

either way, regardless of the relationship you have with him, it's not your affair, nor do you have any real say in the situation. He needs to be the one to contact his attorney if there's a problem.

Michelle - posted on 04/16/2014




His children are adults and he isn't obligated to pay anything for them anymore. They should be supporting themselves.
Maybe if he stops giving them money then she will leave him alone.


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