My husband has been acting strange...Am I wrong to be worried?

Leslie - posted on 11/25/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband (32) and I (26) recently moved cross-country (4-months ago). We moved to his hometown, so all of his family is here. I still have not made any friends, although I hope to soon. My husband has severe anxiety disorder which has been pretty bad for the past month. He comes home and goes to bed, or zones out because he just can't handle life at the moment. (He is actively seeing a doctor and on meds). So needless to say, he hasn't been there for me so much lately or spent much time with me. He is a full-time student and studies with an older woman (45-ish) who is in the same classes as him. I have met her once, when I was at the school enrolling in classes myself. She didn't say much except 'Hello' and 'it was nice to meet you'. Well, my husband gave her his phone number for 'school purposes' (whatever those would be). They've only exchanged about 5 texts, but her messages would say 'I don't think im going to class today, I had a rough weekend, worked sucked'. She has also called him a few times and he said she was reminding him about upcoming tests, etc. Well, he tried to leave an hour early for class today and claimed he thought it started earlier. Also, I never actually see him text her or call, its always when i'm not around.

It bothers me because I can't get him to spend time with me, considering his anxiety is so bad, but yet he has time to spend with someone else? I'm not against him having female friends, I just don't think he should be giving ANYTHING to anyone else if his homefront is struggling...

Am I wrong to think this is weird?


ParkswayVoodoo - posted on 11/26/2012




my husband has hirrible anxiety as well. if something doesnt feel right, its not right.

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